How to Enter the Consumer’s Mind? (Real Estate Marketing)

What can you do to ensure that your real estate or construction company occupies the #1 spot in consumers’ minds?

In this post, we’ll explain why consumers prefer one brand over another and how you can apply this principle to your company.

In our times, information regarding the housing sector is incredibly accessible, and there are so many options available to us. Standing out in this sea of offerings has become a very challenging task for real estate agencies, constructors, and developers.

So, how do some companies stand out? The answer is: A strong brand positioning.

The positioning of a brand is the key factor behind the mental process that leads us to make the final decision in a purchase process. Sometimes, even the price and attributes of the product or service take a back seat, and we focus solely on the value that a brand represents to us.

By definition, brand positioning refers to the place a brand and all its associations (characteristics, attributes, personality, image, etc.) occupies in the mind of a consumer in a distinctive way compared to its competitors.

Basically, it’s the emotional connection between the brand and the minds of consumers.

Now, let’s go back to the initial question: What can you do to occupy the #1 spot in consumers’ minds? Once again, a strong Brand Positioning is the correct answer.

To achieve this, you need a well-directed strategy, which starts by Identifying, Defining, and Developing these 3 fundamental pillars:

Basic Brand Attributes: Variety and Range of Services

  • Your Services: What are your services, and what specific characteristics do they have? What do you do for your clients? What do you offer them? Differentiated Brand Attributes: Personality and Image
  • Define your Differentiators: What is the most notable and desirable thing about the services you offer?
  • Know your Competitors: What attributes do you share with other companies in the sector?
  • Make a Promise: How do you want consumers to perceive your company?
  • Maintain Balance: What emotional connections do you create or could you create with your clients? What special attributes do your services have? How do these connections relate to the tangible services you offer? Valued Brand Attributes: Selling Points, Presentation, Service, etc.
  • Brand Work: Do your clients perceive your company the way you want them to? How will you work towards this from your company’s brand perspective?

After conducting this analysis, you must choose the course of action, i.e., what you will base your strategy on:

A- Based on the characteristics of your services

B- Based on the specific benefits you offer

C- In relation to the competition

D- Based on your prices

E- Based on your consumer

F- According to the lifestyle you want to sell

Once the 3 basic pillars have been defined and the course of action selected, the planning of your strategy begins. Remember that there is a wide variety of platforms and media to execute it, but you must always keep in mind that whether it’s online, offline, or a mix, your strategy must be consistent at every step of the process to achieve a true connection with your consumers.




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