5 Ways to Successfully Promote Your Videos

YouTube is the most widely used video platform worldwide. Every day, YouTube users spend over a billion hours watching videos! Incredible, isn’t it? This presents an excellent opportunity to share your content. However, due to the enormous number of YouTubers and content creators on the platform, we cannot let all our efforts get lost in an endless sea of videos.

To succeed on the platform, it’s essential to create active and sustained promotion. In this post, you will learn the best ways to promote your video content.

  1. Leverage Your Community

This involves using your own contacts, as well as family, friends, or professional networks. While it may seem easy and harmless, inviting your contacts to share your video can be extremely beneficial. If you believe in the potential of your video, there’s no reason why others shouldn’t. It’s not just the job of the marketing department to promote the content; it’s about looking beyond your inner circle and reaching out to industry contacts with whom you have a connection. Ask them to share the video or integrate it into a relevant part of their own content while creating a link to your content.

Remember: every action your video receives extends its reach to a broader audience.

  1. Don’t Limit Yourself to a Single Channel

Your video may have been created specifically for a YouTube channel or a particular social network, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be viewed anywhere else. Multichannel promotion is extremely important today.

Most of your audience is a member of many communities and on many different platforms. With the buyer persona you have created, you will know exactly which platforms they are. Want to know how to build your buyer persona? Click here. https://www.hubspot.es/make-my-persona https://blog.hubspot.es/marketing/que-son-buyer-personas

Additionally, if your content is on a single channel, you limit its reach and the audience reached. One thing to consider when promoting the video is how the content appears differently on each channel. Platforms are different, so is the content sometimes. This means that the static image presenting your video before it is played must be of high quality, attractive, relevant to your video’s title, and, above all, compatible with all involved platforms. When posting on social media, it is preferable to post natively on the platform rather than simply adding a link. For example, native LinkedIn videos have 10 times the reach of links.

  1. Consider Running an Advertising Campaign

If you want your video to reach a new audience, it may be worth spending money on advertising. For small businesses, paid promotional content is rarely an option due to limited resources. The good news is that sponsored posts are not as expensive as you might think. Do some testing, start with small campaigns using tools like Google Ads, for example. This will allow you to see what works best for you and your audience, so you can then budget accordingly based on the results. We recommend starting by defining your goals and the ideal cost per lead. This way, you won’t get lost in a sea of statistics and lose focus on your campaign.

Remember: as a general rule, the more interaction your videos receive, the lower the cost per click of your advertising campaigns.

  1. Promote Your Video Content Offline

Your video may have been designed for an online audience, but you can still promote it outside of it. You can create an engaging online slideshow and include the video in your presentation. Playing a video during a presentation will break the monotony of listening to a single person speak and help people better retain information. You can also display the video on loop on screens at a corporate event or trade show for guests to watch between booths or presentations.

Finally, if your video has real potential, you can also share it with newspapers and magazines, both online and in print.

  1. Reuse Your Video Content

Create shorter versions of your video that can be easily shared on social media, such as teasers or summaries, with an invitation to watch the full video. Use Facebook or Instagram Story features, or Instagram TV to engage your audience in a discussion about the video content.

Your video mainly carries a message, which can surely be spread in different ways: articles, images, GIFs, etc. Recycle your video content into as many formats as possible and include them in your promotional strategy. Reusing your video content will not only allow you to reach a wider audience but also provide you with a wealth of content to use over time.

Of course, if you require video marketing advice for your content, we suggest discussing it with an expert.

Key Points to Remember

  • You don’t need to break the bank to effectively promote your video.
  • You can start by asking people close to you to share the video with their network.
  • To expand your audience, ensure your video is spread across multiple digital platforms and cross-promote as much as possible.
  • You may want to consider advertising to help give your video a boost. The more engaging the content, the less expensive its promotion will be.
  • Your video may be intended for online playback, but you can always showcase it offline at public events and presentations.
  • Finally, recycle your original video into as many formats as possible.




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