Our Plans

Advanced SEO

Take a giant leap in your online presence with our Advanced SEO service, which in addition to the basics focuses on optimizing the content and user experience on your website,...

MXN $5,600.00 / month

Basic SEO

Optimize your website and improve your online visibility with our Basic SEO service. Discover how to boost your online presence effectively.

MXN $3,500.00 / month

Brand Design

Boost your brand towards success with our exclusive brand design service, which goes beyond aesthetics to ensure that your brand not only stands out but also connects with your audience...

MXN $28,000.00

Custom Landing Page

Make your brand shine online with a customized Landing Page! We create a unique page for your business, designed from scratch to represent the best of your brand. Easy to...

MXN $11,200.00

Design and Configuration of Abandoned Carts in WooCommerce

If you have an online store created by us, we are here to maximize the recovery of your Abandoned Carts! We implement smart business strategies that make the most of...

MXN $4,900.00

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Online Store Management

If you have an online store and want us to help you sell your products then this is for you!

From: MXN $2,100.00 / month

Optimization of the list of 100 SKUs

Transform your listings into irresistible shopping experiences and stand out in the competitive world of e-commerce. Power your catalog and make every product count!

MXN $20,580.00

Personal Branding and Consulting

From identifying your values to effectively differentiating yourself in the marketplace, we guide you every step of the way to build an authentic and memorable brand. We optimize your social...

MXN $35,000.00

SEO Ultra

Reach the top positions in search engines with our Ultra SEO service. More than just an advanced service, we offer you a comprehensive analysis and optimization of your website's content...

MXN $8,400.00 / month

The WHY Compass Guide

Enhance your entrepreneurial journey with our guide “The WHY compass” - the ultimate resource for any aspiring business leader who wants to play a niche in today’s competitive environment.

MXN $1,800.00

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